Rep your home with pride!

Culture – Community – Creativity


The Elmwood Supply Company is a creative brand built for our young people to thrive in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. The brand is not simply be a name on a T-shirt. It will be digital content in the forms of podcast and video. It will grow into a social media presence that gives voice to the community. It will be tangible products that you will be proud to wear. It is a gateway into professional and meaningful learning.

Our goal is to give students an opportunity to be creative, but also understand what is involved when it comes to building a brand from the ground up. The Elmwood Supply Company represents, our history, and the future of our school and our community. In Elmwood (officially named in 1902 after the Elmwood Cemetery) there are over 100 years of stories, experiences, and ideas to bring to life.

Our population is a very diverse one, filled with so many cultures and stories of their own. With culture, creativity, and community in mind, we want the Elmwood Supply company to be the connection point that links the past, present and the future of our community.
The Elmwood Supply Company teaches our young people valuable employability skills that will help them secure jobs now and more importantly careers in the future. Beyond the entrepreneurial impact it will have on our young people it also helps them learn the history of their neighborhood. This will not only help our young people feel more connected, but the pieces they create and share with the world can be a source of nostalgia and pride for EVERY member of the Elmwood Community.

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support you’ve already shown for the Elmwood Supply Company. We hope you enjoy our creations and wear them with the same sense of pride we created them with!